Friday, September 01, 2006

Most of these entries I write the next day just because I get most mornings free.
So Saturday was a cake walk. I took enough psychology classes in college that I could have easily double majored. I really found the stuff interesting. So when days like today happen I guess I have an edge over a lot of people in the same situation.

However, I still don’t understand people that are afraid to fly. I love to fly. But this woman I drove on Saturday (as sweet as she is) has an extreme phobia of planes. Hell, She freaks out if she gets too close to the airport. I mean freaks out!!!!! She physically will break down if she were to be in a busy airport.
But any way.
I got the info Thursday that I would be driving Mrs. Smith (Not the real name).

She is a little old widow who lives here in town. We drive her from time to time when she has friends in town or a special occasion. Here’s the kicker. When the girl in the office gave me her info it said to drive her to a city 5 hours away!!!!!!!!! (Deathly afraid to fly!!!!)

I give the woman a lot of credit, her fear doesn’t stop her from seeing her friends and doing whatever the hell makes her happy. She’ll hire a driver and away she goes. God I just hope she doesn’t need to go to the other side of the country. Anyway. I picked her up at the prescribed time and put her stuff in the trunk of the limo. She jumped in the back and away we went.

I do kind of like the lady she’s a very genuine person, she lives alone and my guess is she likes having people to talk to. She is very grandmotherly. She got in the car and slid all the way to the front so she could talk to me thru the privacy window while we were driving.

And talk we did. We went through the normal stuff,
How did I get into this business?
How did I meet the Gangster?
How she thinks he's the sweetest man on the planet!!!!!
Girl friends?
We even talked about some sports.

My favorite topic with her was by far history. This has woman lived thru her husbands WWII service, the depression, the beginning of color TV, JFK being killed, Her only son was killed in Vietnam, Nixon, etc, etc, etc.

The 5 hours blew by.

She’s such a sweet old lady she had even packed us a cooler of food.

Anyway, It was a long week but came to a perfect end.

Crash Out!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Intro PD.

Today I worked with my favorite partner in crime. His name is Pete, Peaty, but mostly we call him P.D. We call him that because he used to be a cop.

He wasn’t a cop that long as it turns out he just couldn’t take it seriously. I give him a lot of credit for quitting the force. He once told me he loved the job but knew that his attitude would have gotten someone hurt sooner or later.

Anyway P.D. and I do all the “Security” work that we get calls for. Basically we drive around a couple of low profile heavy money people that live here part time and want to create an illusion that they need security. But truly we just have to wear suites and hold a lot of doors. I love working with P.D. He’s really the only one that works for the Gangster with a brain in his head. Besides me of course. The guy as a great attitude all the time.

P.D. isn’t a muscular guy but he’s big and he’s well trained. He also seems to be able attract hot women. I get more dates from hanging around him than you could imagine.

When P.D. and I do security work. We really do take it seriously but only because we know we’re not there for a specific threat. The worst thing we’ve seen is a few nosy people that want to see who’s in the car or try and get a little too close. One time there was a bar fight one of our people was in but that didn’t go very long. We know virtually every door man and bouncer in town and they landed on the other guys right as we were grabbing our guy up.

The way we normally work security is both of us ridding in the front of the car. One guy obviously driving and one guy working the street and the doors. Sometimes we lay it on pretty thick. We’ll pull up and the street guy will get out scan the street for a few seconds, check with the door man of the club or the store security or restaurant manager, then we walk back to the car and pull out the rider. After we do that we generally give each other a little sign that says we’re laughing.

We’re usually doing that because there’s a hot chic working the door of the club or restaurant.

Anyway today was nice because we were in a Lincoln Navigator. There’s plenty of room for both of us. The rough days are when we have to take a limo. All the limo’s we have only have one seat up front. The passenger seat is taken up by a built in storage area that has a compartment with electronics or something to run the Air conditioning in the back etc. P.D. is bigger than me so whenever we do the limo runs I get to sit on the storage container and he gets to drive.

I don’t look nearly as cool sitting on top of the storage container.

Crash Out!