Thursday, August 24, 2006

We’ll as I mentioned before my boss deals in Favors. You owe him, he owes someone else, someone else owes you and maybe he can weezle in on getting something out of that....

I get handed a lot of the stuff that the Gangster doesn’t ever want to go public. Yesterday is a prime example. The gangster calls me at 9am. “Get down here right away I need some help.” Everything with him is always priority one. Nothing can wait until later. Anyway, he has a friend we’ll call Stan. Stan is a pretty high profile man in town. You wouldn’t know him if you didn’t live here but if you did live here chances are you for sure recognize the name.

Well the poor SOB is getting a divorce after 13 or 15 years of marriage. His wife is looking to clean him out which would be huge because this guy is LOADED. He is always at all the charity events and is always donating some cash to some worthy cause. His family owned a ton of land here years ago and he has been able to parley it into millions.

Anyway the Gangster has me basically arranging a clandestine meeting between Stan and his very young and very hot girl friend. (She may be a big part of the reason for the up coming divorce. Anyway below is what I remember of the conversation between the Gangster and me.

“Crash, I want you to go over to the BLANK hotel in downtown. (A very nice place) and don’t go to the front desk. Don’t even look at those idiots. Go right over to Tom’s office” (Tom is the General Manager of the hotel and a friend of ours.)

“Tom’s going to give you a key to a suite and show you where to park the car. Don’t use the front door, don’t talk to anybody at the hotel, You know how bad it would be for Stan if he got caught sneaking into a hotel with the Bimbo. Once you know where to go come back here and get a couple of bottles of that Cakebread wine he likes. Take two bottles, have one in the car open and give him one to take up to the room. Pick the Bimbo up first. (I’ve had to drive the Bimbo home before) and for Christ’s sakes don’t let her out of the car at Stan’s place.”

There were several other directions that the Gangster repeated over and over and over again. But they weren’t all that important. So I pick up the Bimbo, I pick up our friend Stan, and I drive them out to the beach. We tool down this one highway and they watch the sunset while they pour a $165 dollar bottle of wine down there throats. Very romantice yada, yada, yada. I get the high sign from stan that it's time to head to the hotel. So off we go I drive the car around the back of this hotel and into the loading dock. Funny thing about loading docks, you just act like you know what your doing and your supposed to be there and people will barley notice you.

I get out of the car get the door for the Bimbo, I ignore Stan, sort of, I actually am walking with the Bimbo and let him follow behind at a small distance. This way if anyone Stan knew was to show up it would look like the Bimbo was with me. I walk them down a hallway to a service elevator that Tom has shown me. We go to the 22nd floor I get to the door of the room and let the Bimbo in, 5 seconds later I hand my boy Stan the key, and the small bag with the wine. He hands me 3 one hundred dollar bills and two tickets to a baseball game.

Stan kicks ass in my book.

Stan really is a good guy, Yes he’s cheating on his wife but man if you’ve ever met her she deserves it. She’s a bitch on wheels.

PS. The Gangster and I had a great time using Stan’s skybox seats to the game.

Crash Out!