Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yesterday was a celebrity day.
We have a pretty regular stream of Celebes that we drive. A lot of pro sports people and a couple of music and movie people. For the most part they’re pretty relaxed. Especially the ones that live here in town and we know by first name. Yesterday was one of my favorites. It’s a female music person that if I told you her name you wouldn’t believe me.

This particular female music star lives in town and we do all her airport runs as well as her late night party stuff. She calls me “Crash” it’s my nick name she was there when I got it and yes, it’s bad to be a professional driver and have your nick name be Crash.

I’m not ashamed of how I got it. Yep, I had a super star in the car, came around a corner, when a guy pulls out in front of us and I "T-boned" him.
We were barley going 20 miles an hour but I still did $5800 damage to the car. It wasn’t my fault but who gets the nick name. ME!!!!!
The great part of the story was that the gangster was my first call. Anytime there’s going to be a cop involved you call the Gangster right away. That’s the rule!!!
He knows all the cops in town and he can talk anyone into or out of anything. BUT, you have to call him if you want that to work. He was there in less than 3 minutes in a 4 door Cadillac. It was like the scene in Pulp Fiction when they called the Wolfe. He rolled up and was all pro. Oh Ms. Superstar I can’t tell you how glad I am your ok, Were going to get you out of here right now. He takes her by the hand and puts her in the Caddy. Then walks over to me, Puts his arm around me as he’s walking me to the drivers side of the car and says “Try not to fucking hit any body else today.” The guy I hit was about to protest me leaving the scene of an accident before the cops got there but the gangster just walked right in front of him and started the full court schmooze. Game over. I’m sure we comped the guy a ride some time the next week but I sure as hell wasn’t the one that drove him.

From that day forward my new name was "Crash"

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well, Today is my first day of work for the week. As I said in the intro my actual
title working for the gangster is limo driver.
The guy I work for owns about 10 of them and he makes a nice chunk of change in a legitimate way renting them out for $85 bucks an hour. I also mentioned that I end up handling all kinds of "Favors" for the guy. Don't anyone get too excited the stuff I call gangster stuff isn't all that bad. Sure I've seen him take serious advantage of a few people but truly most of them had it coming. I will be changing all the names and locations on this post just incase anyone of authority gets a hold of it. I am fairly new to the blogs and I will eventually figure out how to have a guest book so people can ask questions etc. In the meantime I will post an email address I only use for this at the bottom of each entry.

I hope you all enjoy this somewhat humors look into what I call the world of having friends in low places.

Crash Out!