Sunday, August 13, 2006

Well, Today is my first day of work for the week. As I said in the intro my actual
title working for the gangster is limo driver.
The guy I work for owns about 10 of them and he makes a nice chunk of change in a legitimate way renting them out for $85 bucks an hour. I also mentioned that I end up handling all kinds of "Favors" for the guy. Don't anyone get too excited the stuff I call gangster stuff isn't all that bad. Sure I've seen him take serious advantage of a few people but truly most of them had it coming. I will be changing all the names and locations on this post just incase anyone of authority gets a hold of it. I am fairly new to the blogs and I will eventually figure out how to have a guest book so people can ask questions etc. In the meantime I will post an email address I only use for this at the bottom of each entry.

I hope you all enjoy this somewhat humors look into what I call the world of having friends in low places.

Crash Out!


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